Magical Muses

I smell you…you are the delicious marriage of rich coffee and buttery pastries. Your aroma saturates my home and ignites my senses. You are delicate but powerful, dark, strong and intense. You start my mornings and end my nights. You are forever on my mind.


I hear you…you are the words I longed to resonate with since I dreamt of becoming your queen. You are faithful, loyal and loving. You tell me every truth I wished for. You will forever be the one truly benevolent being in my world.


I taste you…and you taste me. Your teeth rip through my skin and pierce my soul. You bring me to life with the passion that becomes of the evolved being. I am forever in your debt for making me feel again. My body responds to your tantalising mouth on mine. I will always yearn for you.


I see you…and for the first time someone sees me. And it is you. My soul mate. Your smile, your skin, your words on paper. I see the marks you make on the world and on me. I find inspiration from the vision that you share. When we are together, I am home.


I touch you…you reach through me and take my heart for you know now and forever it belongs to only you. You squeeze gently on the delicate organ. A mere touch that stimulates every other sense within me. You know your power and you use it wisely. I feel you with my core. You are my one true love. I will die with you, for without you, I would not have lived at all.