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Strong Female Protagonists was created by therapist and author, Kellie Cox and has grown into a thoughtful and persuasive movement designed with two goals in mind. The first being to change the narrative of gender in storytelling. No longer do we want to see strong female protagonists fighting against their male nemesis. Instead we want to see strong female characters in books and film that are brave because they stand for something. They are not made but are developed by their own values and aspirations for what they want to achieve in this world.


The second goal of SFP is to challenge our every preconceived idea we hold to be true. In the world of psychology, this technique is called cognitive restructuring. It is the hope that the storylines we create, generate a discussion about the way we have lived, are living and are relating to those around us.


History shows us that individuals make the change in the world. As a society, a collective of motivated individuals, we can stop and consider our normalized ideals and challenge them. We search for evidence to support or dismiss our current behaviours and ethics. Only then, can we be more confident that we are living according to our own ideals, and not those values we have been blindly taught to follow.


Each time I suggest such a strategy I think of Rosa Parks and that brave woman who decided that she was going to stay seated on that bus seat assigned for whites. She felt her truth and sat where she knew she deserved to be. The perfect example of a woman being the strong female protagonist of her own life.


One person can be the change in the world. Today it could be you.

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